Monday, 27 September 2010

Going To Landaaan!

I am so excited right now, tomorrow i'm going to London for the day with school to go round art galleries and stuff! London is quite possibly my favourite city, mainly because everyone there seems to have the best sense of style (although that could just be my comparison after living in Peterborough all my life...). We're leaving school at 8am to walk to the train station so I had to sort everything out this evening ready for the morning, including my outfit! I sewed up the hem of this dress which I bought a few weeks ago from a charity shop, as I'd taken it up about a foot because it was mid calf length- not a good look if you're short like me. It also has no sleeves so I decided to wear it over a plain long sleeved top, as i'm expecting the weather tomorrow to be a bit cold and probably rainy. My plan is to layer! You can't really see my legs but i'm wearing dark green ribbed woolly tights with brown boots. I'm going for comfort mainly, but I still want to at least feel as though I look pretty decent. And I know for sure that nobody from school will be wearing the same as me! Although even if I made no effort whatsoever i'm sure people wouldn't have the same clothes on as me; at my school there aren't that many people who 'stand out' in terms of style. Don't get me wrong though, some look amazing!Next layer is a short sleeved thick navy cardigan along with a yellow and blue-ish striped scarf. I bought this scarf around a year and a half ago from a country fair because the two girls I was with got ones in other colours, and it was only £5. At the time I didn't even like it that much, but I seriously love it now!


  1. oh i love your dress <3

  2. oh, i cant wait to see london again too ! i have no idea where islington is, but i will lfor sure try find it ;)