Thursday, 30 September 2010

Street My Style

Just some of the street shots I got in London on the art trip. I'll the the first to admit that almost all of them are blurry, but I think you can see the outfits ok. As it was a school trip I couldn't really go off and ask strangers if I could photograph them, so I just had to snap them as quickly as possible. Some of the time this was whilst I was walking, hence the really blurry one! I love the trousers of this first girl! I've been looking for a decent pair or trousers for well over six months now; ideally I want some floral ones but I think I may have to settle for a green or blue pair. I only have two pairs of jeans at the moment and I get sick of just wearing denim or tights! There are some amazing thick grey cable knit leggings in Topshop right now, but at £22 they really aren't much different from an £8 pair of tights I got ages ago from Gap? I do still love them though! So so cute! I loved her bobble hat and all of the navy.

This lady look so sophisticated. It's not really my style, but she stood out as being one classy lady.
I love the jacket, the fabric and colours are just what I like. Also, she's wearing trousers! I'd like darker ones for myself but they looked great on her. I also have massive love for ginger hair.I love the colour of the left jacket, and her whole outfit was actually really nice. But ew at her friend's Nike bag!
I was gutted that I didn't snap this one before she turned around, I don't remember the exact garments but I know that I really did like it!
This girl was amazing! Unbelievably tall, possibly because of those boots, but she just looked so cool. I think I need more grey and black in my wardrobe, it's not like I wear loads of bright colours but sometimes I feel I just want to put on basic pieces.
This person just had a really sweet floral jacket/mac.
I really like this girl's boots and lace top, but I'm not sure I would have gone for those tights. But then, I never really got into the whole dogtooth trend much, it seemed too much like office wear to me. She still looks great though! This was taken inside the Saatchi museum.
Oh, and I just noticed the two people on the far left- I'd wanted to photograph them all day but they kept walking off. I really really love the red trousers, they remind me of a pair which I think were by Isabel Marant for a/w '10?
Me with some of my art friends in Trafalgar Square- facing the wrong way so you can't actually tell! As you can (hopefully!) tell, i'm on the far right.
Inside the Saatchi Again, this room had really cool lighting and lots of metal chairs and all of this wire stuff along the walls.
This is just a drawing I did of a 40's oil painting from the National Portrait Gallery, only half done though; I used various black pens.

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